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Dear Parent,

In these busy times we understand the pressure on families to make sure they have everything in order for your children’s return to school in September. With this in mind Links Office Supplies have devised a system to help ease the burden when ordering your school requirements for the next school year.  Having rolled this system out as a trial last year it has proved to be a great success and we have decided to start offering this service to more schools.

So how does it work?

All you do is go through the list of items and put the required number of each item in the box. As you will see the price is for each individual item so simply multiply the number of copies etc needed by the price to give you your total cost. Once you have your total cost calculated you can then forward this order form complete with a cheque made payable to Links Office Supplies, Mall Road, Monaghan.  Once we receive your order we will pack it and have it ready for you to be either collected or delivered.  You will see there is a box for either collection or delivery so be sure to tick whichever you require.

*All orders need to be placed by the 15th of August*

Should you wish to collect your order contact Stephen on 0860790379 and he will arrange to meet you or if you would like to have your order delivered then simply write your address and contact number of the top of the order form.

Stephen Corley
086 0790379

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